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Ariel Pods 3in1 Colour 42 Capsules

Ariel Pods 3in1 Colour 42 Capsules
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Brand:  Ariel


The first 3 compartments detergent for 3in1 power. Ariel Color Pods are designed to clean, lift stains and brightens - with a formula design to care for colours. Each Ariel 3in1 pod is pre-dosed, so there's no need to measure and pour. One unit per wash (in soft to medium water and for light to medium soiled loads. Delivers the great performance of Ariel as low as 30° for most of your loads The innovative film dissolves completely in contact with water to release the powerful technologies to tackle broad stain range providing you with the best liquid detergent from Ariel, with just the right amount of detergent. This detergent is designed to deliver great cleaning results even without pre-washing or pre-soaking which will save you water and energy. This detergent contains an advanced and efficient surfactant system, high technology enzymes and polymers, which are very effective at removing stains and overall cleaning. This detergent is phosphate free and bleach free. An A.I.SE. voluntary sustainability initiative


  • >30% Anionic Surfactants,
  • 5-15% Non-Ionic Surfactants, Soap,
  • <5% Phosphonates,
  • Enzymes,
  • Optical Brighteners,
  • Perfumes,
  • Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone,
  • Benzyl Salicylate,
  • Citronellol,
  • Coumarin,
  • Hexyl Cinnamal,
  • Linalool

Prepare and Use

Where to use Safe to use on all types of white and colored textiles. Can be used at wash temperatures from 20 till 95C. Always follow the wash instructions as mentioned on the fabric label. Can be used at all water hardness. Adjust the dosage according to your local water hardness as recommended in the dosing instructions. Where Not to use Can not be used for wool & silk textiles. Can not be used for handwash Can not be used for pre-wash Usage & dosing instructions Adjust the dosage accordingly to your soil level and to your local water hardness level as recommended in the below dosage table For optimal performance results, place first the liquitab in the drum towards the back before putting the load on top to maximize solubility.


Protector & Gamble UK Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0XP, UK.


  • Type Tub

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