Harvey has joined missmysupermarket!

Thursday, 15 October 2015  |  Admin

Come on let’s go shopping!
I’m pretty good at sniffing out what I like, I wonder if I can help you too?

I’m used to globetrotting and Malta is one of my regular destinations reminding tourists how to conserve water via Catch the Drop for the island as I stand there day in and day out handing over colouring books to the children.

Harvey the Lifestyle Dog®

Harvey is here to explain just how much we can gain from owning a pet and to show what we have in common with animals and what we can learn by comparing our traits, from habits and behaviour to emotion and affection. Harvey’s way is fun - if he makes you laugh then you will remember - so it's a great way to learn how to stay healthy, how to keep fit, how to care, how to be safe and how to enjoy life in the perfect environment. Lifestyle is the key to wellbeing and education comes with it, and where better than to start with children? From the cradle to pre-school on to primary school and beyond – and that's not to say grown-ups won’t find him interesting too.