Haywards wants to gain younger fans with refreshed identity

Friday, 8 January 2016  |  Admin

Haywards wants to appeal to a younger audience with the roll out of a new identity and packaging design as it looks to liven up the 'old fashioned' category. 

The British brand worked with design and branding agency Bulletproof on the refresh which introduces a hand drawn brand mark inspired by Latino art, 3D detailing. Lids are now painted in 'Haywards’ blue’, while the new logo design has been extended to the top of the lid. 

Kate Charman, Haywards brand manager, said that although the brand is the "best loved" in the pickled veg category, it wanted to gain new fans from younger markets who have an interest in culinary experimentation. 


"We also knew that more could be done with the design to make Haywards pickled veg more visually impactful on shelf while also educating product use across all of our lines," she said. "Bulletproof has created a strong design that appeals to both taste traditionalists and traditional revivalists. It artistically captures the diverse and tantalisingly intense flavours of our offerings to inspire culinary creativity and importantly, brings our zingy brand spirit and essence to life.”

A 'Tang-o-meter' has been introduced on pack to help consumers easily identify the level of tang across the product range which includes, Red Cabbage, Beetroot, Piccalilli and Silverskin Onions, which a Bulletproof spokesperson explained. 

"Defined by colour and a gauge, we used this device as a means of illustrating the various flavour intensities of the products. Consumers could, as it were, ‘dial up the tang’, from ‘sweet and mild’ to ‘hot and spicy’. The lighter shades of the Tang-o-meter represent milder flavours with the colours deepening in richness as the product flavour becomes more intense.”

The new packs are available now.

Editorial taken from the Drum: Written by Natalie Mortimer.

Picture added by kind permission of: Bulletproof Ltd - http://www.wearebulletproof.com