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Nurofen For Children And Baby Liquid 100Ml

Nurofen For Children And Baby Liquid 100Ml
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Brand:  Nurofen


Nurofen for children strawberry baby is an oral ibuprofen suspension for babies and children aged from 3 months to 12 years.

Reduces temperature (including fever caused by immunisation)
For the relief of mild to moderate pain such as: teething, toothache, sore throats, headache, minor aches and sprains
Relieves symptoms of cold and flu

Pack Size: 100ml

  • Fever and pain relief
  • Sugar free & colour free
  • Sugar free



Each 5ml of oral suspension contains 100mg Ibuprofen, Also contains: Maltitol Liquid, Glycerol, See leaflet for further information

Allergy Information:

  • Lifestyle Other Text: Sugar free


  • Do not store above 25°C.

Preparation and Usage:

For oral and short-term use only. Shake the bottle well before use.
Use the syringe inside to measure the dose accurately (See leaflet for details).
Not suitable for children under 3 months of age or weighing less than 5kg.
Read the enclosed leaflet carefully before use.

Fever caused by immunisation:
Babies and children 3 months and over - Weighing more than 5kg: One 2.5ml dose if necessary give second 2.5ml dose 6hrs later
Do not give more than 2 doses in a 24 hour period. If the fever is not reduced, consult your doctor.

Fever, pain and symptoms of cold and flu:
3 months - 6 months - Weighing over 5kg: One 2.5ml dose 3 times a day.
Do not use for more than 24 hours.
If symptoms persist after 24 hours, consult your doctor.
6 months - 12 months: One 2.5ml dose 3 or 4 times in 24 hrs
1 year - 4 years: One 5ml dose 3 times in 23 hrs
4 years - 7 years: One 7.5ml (5ml + 2.5ml) dose 3 times in 24 hrs
Over 7 years: One 10ml (5ml + 5ml) dose 3 times in 24 hrs
Doses should be given every 6 - 8 hours.
Leave at least 4 hours between doses.
For children above 6 months, if symptoms persist after 3 days, consult your doctor.


  • Free From Artificial Colours
  • Colour free

Name and Address:

Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare (UK) Ltd.,
SL1 4AQ.

Safety Warning:

Keep all medicines out of the reach and sight of children

Warning: Do not exceed the stated dose

Do not give this product if your child:
Is under 3 months old or weighs less than 5kg
Has (or has had two or more episodes of) a stomach ulcer, perforation or bleeding
Is allergic to ibuprofen or any other ingredient of the product, aspirin or other related painkillers
Is taking other NSAID painkillers, or aspirin with a daily dose above 75mg
Has a fructose intolerance
Speak to your doctor or pharmacist before giving this product if child:
Has or had asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, a stroke, heart, liver, kidney or bowel problems
If you are an Adult taking this product:
Speak to a pharmacist or your doctor before taking if your are: pregnant, trying to get pregnant, elderly and a smoker

Lower Age Limit:

Advisory Months : 3

Net Contents:

100 Millilitres ℮

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