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Quickshine Deep-Fat Fixer

Quickshine Deep-Fat Fixer
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Brand:  Quickshine

A brilliant innovation for anyone wondering how best to dispose of used cooking fat, Quickshine’s Deep-Fat Fixer is an almost magical powder that transforms liquid cooking oils into a solid, easy-to-deal-with ‘brick’ that can be popped straight into your household waste bin.

Despite its name, it’s not just for deep fat fryers and chip pans; anyone who cooks with tempura batter or does a bit of shallow frying from time to time will recognise the problem too.


- Keeps drains clear

Keeping your kitchen drains clear of oily blockages, it eliminates the risk of adding to any ‘fatbergs’ in your local drainage system, and is impressively easy to use… If you’ve been holding off from frying chips the old-fashioned way because you’re worried about the clean-up and what to do with all that used oil – worry no more – home-cooked fish and chips can go back on your menu!


- Eco-friendly

Completely eco-safe and non-toxic, there are no nasty chemicals hidden in Deep-Fat Fixer’s powered formula, just a secret waxy compound that makes cooking oil set solid, so it’s really easy to slide into the bin. It’ll help avoid blocked kitchen pipes and costly plumber call outs, and you can rest assured that you’re not adding to the fatberg crisis affecting our waste water treatment works and sewer systems.


- No mess

Each sachet can deal with either a 3 litre deep fat fryer; two 1.5 litre compact fat fryers; two domestic chip pans, or four shallow frying pans.


Eack pack contains 2 x 100g Sachets. That is enough to set solid the used oil from two 3 litre deep fat fryers;  four 1.5  litre compact fat fryers; eight domestic chip pans, or eight shallow frying pans

Suitable for vegetariansSuitable for vegetarians

Preparation and Usage

Nobody wants to clog up plumbing by resorting to tipping fat down the sink, but how do you get rid of used, runny oil without soaking it up with loads of kitchen roll? Quickshine’s latest problem solver lets you get rid of waste cooking fats with no fuss and no mess in just three simple steps…


1. Stir into still-warm cooking oil.

2. Wait for the fat to cool fully.

3. Lift the resulting ‘brick’ of caked oil out of your pan or fryer, and tip it into a bin bag for disposal in your general waste bin.

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