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Tesco All In One Contact Lens Solution 250Ml

Tesco All In One Contact Lens Solution 250Ml
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Brand:  Tesco



Disodium Edetate 0.025, Polyhexanide 0.0002%, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hypromellose, Poloxamer, Sodium & Potassium Chloride in isotonic buffered solution


  • Store below 25 degrees centigrade
  • Store away from moisture, heat and direct sunlight

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the U.K.

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the U.K.


For daily cleaning, protein removing and disinfecting of hard and soft contact
Also compatible for Silicone Hydrogen lenses.
With lens case included.
Directions for use
To open bottle, screw cap anti-clockwise to break seal. Wash and dry your hands
before handling contact lenses.
Place the lens in the palm of your hand, add 3-4 drops of All-in-One Contact
Lens Solution and gently rub both sides of the lens for 20 seconds. Rinse the
lens thoroughly with the solution. Place the lens in the appropriate
compartment of your lens case. Repeat the above procedure with the other lens.
Fill the lens case with All-in-One Contact Lens Solution, close and allow the
lenses to soak for at least 4 hours or overnight. Lenses are now ready to wear.

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Tesco Stores Ltd.,
Cheshunt EN8 9SL,

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