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Tesco Faster Healing Plasters Hydrocolloid 16S

Tesco Faster Healing Plasters Hydrocolloid 16S
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Brand:  Tesco

Reduces pain

Promotes rapid healing

Larger hydrocolloid pad


Prevents & treats blisters

Heals & Protects


5 Blister plasters. 3 45mm x 72mm 2 28mm x 50mm

Tesco Blister Plasters feature a breathable waterproof backing to protect the
wound, with a hydrocolloid gel pad which creates conditions to promote the
healing of blisters. Low allergy adhesive, strong but kind to sensitive skin.



  • Store in a cool, dry place.

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Faster Healing Plasters can be used on all kinds of wounds; minor cuts, grazed
knees and scraped knuckles to reduce pain and aid healing. The hydrocolloid pad
works with the body to produce a protective cover over the wound. This creates
a favourable environment to aid healing and keep wounds safe from water and
germ s. The plasters are thin and flexible and use a low allergy adhesive to
minimise the risk of an allergic reaction. Suitable for use on Sensitive skin.


Clean wound and surrounding area. Remove plaster from wrapper. Position pad
over wound and press down the edges of the plaster firmly. You will notice a
white gel form over the wound within the first 24 hours, replace the plaster.
Then replace with a fresh plaster when the product loosens at least every three

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